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Wiring Specalties S14 VH45DE Engine Swap Harness

Wiring Specalties S14 VH45DE Engine Swap Harness

$839.00 Regular Price
$797.05Sale Price
This Wiring Specialties Pro Series Wiring Harness includes the engine and transmission harnesses for any 1995-1998 Nissan 240SX S13 with an VH45DE engine swap. It was developed in house on an actual VH45DE engine and comes tucked for a clean finish. The harnesses is designed as a one-piece unit with integrated OEM COIL, Injector and transmission harnesses for clean install.


Plug and Play
Significantly lighter than a factory harness
NO CORE HARNESS or additional wiring required
REQUIRES use of NEW style Ignitor Chips
REQUIRES use of OEM Coils
Available with New or Early style injector connectors
Available with New or Early style CAS and TPS connections
Constructed using OEM connectors and seals
Made with high temp TXL wire (-40C to +125C operating temperature) with adhesive shrink tubing
Wrapped in lightweight nylon loom with -94C to +257C operating temperature
Includes a charge harness and improved grounds
Fully tested after production for an easy plug-and-play replacement
Turn Key ENGINE START Guarantee
Tech support for our customers 7 days a week.


One-piece design with integrated Coil, Injector and transmission connectors
Alternator charge cable.
Nissan Diagnostics connector.
Power and dash interface connectors.
Retains factory A/C,speedometer, tachometer, engine temperature gauge, oil pressure sensor, alternator charge light, reverse lights and wipers.
  • Details

    Engine: Infiniti Q45 VH45 Any VH45 from 1990-1995 Infiniti Q45 WILL work on 1996 model with adjustments We may contact you for additional swap information
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