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Once you have decided on the VH45 engine swap, it's time to start making a parts list for your swap. When going into a major swap like this, it's a very good idea to create a timeline and price list. A time line will keep you running smoothly and the price list will keep you in budget. Don't forget to leave room for extra expenses! 


You'll have the following decisions to make:


  • Engine Rebuild

  • Engine Placement/Hood Modification

  • 5-speed or Auto

  • Exhaust System 





VH45DE / Z32 Transmission Adapter - Bellhouse Machining Info Video


Engine Rebuild

Timing Components


We highly recommend replacing your timing components even if you aren't rebuilding the entire engine.


Engine Placement

Universal Engine Mounts


This allows you to place the engine where you want. These are designed to work with the Z32 chassis, but his kit will work with many different vehicles.  


5-Speed VG30DE(TT)


The VG30DE(TT) is the perfect transmission for this swap. The clutch selections are endless, and if you are swapping a Z32... you already have the 


Internal Components


We can supply you with the highest quality parts for your rebuild. 

Engine Location


With the universal mount you can tweak engine placement to your liking. If you want to use the factory front sump, or PVH rear sump oil pan kit.  Make sure you center and level your engine before tacking your engine mount kit together!

Bellhousing Machining 


The VG30DE-TT bellhousing must be machined to work with the PVH VG to VH Transmission adapter plate. We do offer a bellhousing machining service. Please inquire for our current price.

Performance Components


With forced induction, forged components are a must! Even with the added strength our forged piston/rod combo actually save over 2lbs off the rotating mass weight!

Engine Height


The OEM intake manifold will not clear for most applications. We do not recommend spacing or modifing your subframe! One alternative is modifing the hood, or with a custom intake manifold

Transmission Location


We are able to use the factory Z32  driveshaft and transmission mount with our Z32 Swap kit. We recommend flipping the transmission mount 180 degrees to center the engine over the subframe. This will require shifter linkage modification.

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