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This page is dedicated to our projects, favorite customer builds, and DIY Project information!




The "Not So Fairlady Z Swap"


This was the start of the VH madness! Our 1990 Nissan 300ZX had 180k miles on the good ol' VG30DE. It was definitely tired and in need of an overhaul. Instead of rebuilding, we decided to take a stab at the VH45, and that's how Performance VH was started!

Performance VH Z32 Project Car



Customer Projects





  1. Bolt your transmission to your engine

  2. Unbolt the transmission mount and turn it 180 degrees (this will pull the engine back about 3/4" to help center the engine over the subframe and give additional clearance for the rear sump oil pan) SKIP THIS STEP IF YOU ARE USING THE FACTORY OIL PAN

  3. Bolt the PVH Engine Mount Plate (1)  to the VH45DE Engine Block

  4. Position the engine and transmission in the vehicle using a hoist 

  5. Place wood blocks to support the engine when it is at the desired height

  6. Center the engine in the engine bay

  7. Make sure the engine is level

  8. Bolt the Motor Mounts (2) to the subframe with the PVH Motor Mount Plate (3) on top. 

  9. Position one PVH Support Bracket Plate (4) at your desired location (It is helpful to use a magnetic welding square to help hold these plates in position)

  10. Tack the first PVH Support Bracket Plate to the PVH Engine Mount Plate & PVH Motor Mount Plate

  11. Tack the second PVH Support Bracket Plate into place

  12. Repeat for steps 8-11 for the other side

  13. Before welding check to make sure you are happy with the engine position 

  14. Remove the tacked engine mounts and bolt both PVH Engine Mount Plates (1) together to prevent warping.

  15. Fully weld the support brackets to the engine & motor mount plates. Remeber to let the piece cool down between welds to help prevent warping

  16. Let the pieces cool overnight while still having the engine mount plates bolted together... Unbolt, Paint, and Install! 

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