93-98 Toyota Supra 3.0 Twin Turbo 2JZ-GTE

93-98 Toyota Supra 3.0 Twin Turbo 2JZ-GTE

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South Bend Clutch Kits are very high quality and come in a wide range of varying applications. All clutch kits include a new pressure plate, clutch disc, throw out bearing, pilot bearing, and alignment tool. New clutches will require a resurfaced or new flywheel. New clutches require a 500 mile break-in period. All clutch discs are sprung unless otherwise noted.


Add Cryogenic Freezing for additional strength ($50.00)


93-98 Toyota Supra 3.0 Twin Turbo 2JZ-GTE


Daily - K16093 HD-O-SMF 395Ft-Lbs

Un-sprung Daily - K16093-HD-O-DMF 395Ft-Lbs


Endurance - K16093 HD-OCE-SMF 425Ft-Lbs

Un-sprung Endurance - K16093 HD-OCE-DMF 425Ft-Lbs


Drag - K16093 HD-DXD-B-SMF 495Ft-Lbs

Un-sprung Drag - K16093-HD-DXD-B-DMF 495Ft-Lbs


Daily - K16093 SS-O-SMF 585Ft-Lbs

Un-sprung Daily - K16093 SS-O-DMF 585Ft-Lbs


Endurance - K16093 SS-TZ-SMF 660Ft-Lbs

Un-sprung Endurance K16093-SS-TZ-DMF 660Ft-Lbs


Drag - K16093 SS-DXD-B-SMF 750Ft-Lbs

Un-sprung Drag - K16093-SS-DXD-B-DMF 750Ft-Lbs


Extreme - K16093-SS-X-SMF 795Ft-Lbs

Un-sprung Extreme - K16093-SS-X-DMF 795Ft-Lbs








Clutch Type
Cryogenic Freezing

Fabricating The Engine Mount Bracket Kit


Detailed information on how Performance VH, LLC. recommends fabricating your VH45 engine bracket kit.


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