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Dodge Ram Cummins Hydraulic Upgrade

Dodge Ram Cummins Hydraulic Upgrade

$287.50 Regular Price
$278.88Sale Price


1988-1993 Dodge Trucks Getrag 5 Speed (DISCONTINUED)

1994-1997 Dodge Trucks NV4500 & NV5600 South Bend Hyd-HD

1998-2002 Dodge Trucks NV4500 & NV5600 South Bend Hydx1.50

2003-2018 Dodge Trucks NV4500, NV5600, G56 Hydx.750


Upgrading your hydraulic system is very important when installing a heavier duty clutch. Southbend hydraulic master and slave cylinder kits come pre-filled and pre-bled. The adjustability of this system allowes you to fine tune your clutch pedal for proper engagement and disengagement. This will prolong the life of your clutch.


Includes: Master Cylinder, Slave Cylinder, and mounting hardware.

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