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EV1 TO EV6 Chevy Ford Dodge Fuel Injector Adapters

EV1 TO EV6 Chevy Ford Dodge Fuel Injector Adapters

LS1 Harness to LS2/LS3 Fuel Injector Wiring Adapters (8 in a set) EV1 Harness to EV6 USCAR Injector These adapters adapt the LS1 engine harness (EV1 connector) for use with an LS2/LS3 (EV6) fuel injector. Sold as a set of 8.
Engine harness end : EV1 connector (LS1 style)
Fuel Injector end : EV6 connector (LS2/LS3 style)
Our adapters are designed to work flawlessly with your Chevy for performance you can rely on.
Depending on your model of injector, the plastic keyway may need to be trimmed with pliers. (minor modification) Application. This complete set of 8 harnesses will convert your existing LS1 (EV1 style injector) harness to LS2/LS3 (EV6 style injector) harness which allows you to use the newest injector designs on your car without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a new injector harness. This plug and play adapter is the perfect alternative to cutting and splicing!
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    Male End: EV1 Female End: EV6 EV1 to EV6 Fuel Injector Adapters Includes: 8 pieces Fits: Chevy, Ford, Dodge, and more!
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