VH45DE Coolant Return Silicone Hose Kit

VH45DE Coolant Return Silicone Hose Kit

these hoses replace your rotted, or leaky rubber coolant return hoses with two high quality 3-ply silicone hoses. Since these hoses are impossible to replace without pulling your plenum, it is good preventative maintenance to replace these when your intake is off. These hoses will stay soft and will not deteriorate over time! This kit also includes 4 stainless steel smooth band hose clamps so they do not dig into the hose while tightening.
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    2 Black Silicone Coolant Return Hoses 4 Stainless Steel Smooth Band Hose Clamps

Fabricating The Engine Mount Bracket Kit


Detailed information on how Performance VH, LLC. recommends fabricating your VH45 engine bracket kit.


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