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VH45DE Timing Chain Kit

VH45DE Timing Chain Kit

When re-building your VH45DE replacing your old timing chain components is crucial to have a reliable, and long lasting engine. If your engine is from 1990-1992 chances are the timing guides are plastic. These are known to break and cause major engine failure! Make sure you have the upgraded metal backed timing guides! Our S1 kit includes the metal backed timing guides as well as the necessary hardware to install them. 
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    Includes: 2 Camshaft Timing Chains 2 Timing Guide Tensioner Rails 2 Hydraulic Tensioners 2 Metal Backed Timing Chain Guides 1 Oil Pump Chain Tensioner 1 Oil Pump Drive Chain 1 Oil Pump Chain Guide *Upgraded Metal Back Timing Guide Bolts included with 1990-1992 Timing Kits
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