VH45DE Audi Bosch Ignition Coil Upgrade

VH45DE Audi Bosch Ignition Coil Upgrade


The coils in your VH45DE are worn and tired. OEM ignition coils will cost you about $140 a piece. Upgrade your ignition system with this kit. This coil pack modification eliminates the need for the PTU (Igniter Chip). 

  • Details

    Includes: 8 Imported Bosch Euro Spec Audi Ignition Coils 8 Connector Pigtails

    Optional Sub-harness construction kit includes 8 ignition coil pigtail connectors. The optional S2 Plug & Play kit allows for a plug and play solution instead of splicing directly into your wiring harness for 93-96 VH45DE Engines. *Note: You WILL be able to use the OEM VH45DE Coil Cover with the Audi ignition coils.