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VH45DE Camshaft Removal

The VH45DE camshaft caps fastened by T35 Torx bolts. These are quite difficult to remove and are prone to stripping the heads. This is mainly caused by buildup in the screw head. The best way to remove these camshaft cap bolts, without damaging them, is to first thoroughly clean all of the build up from the torx head. We use brake cleaner and a pick. It is a tedious process, but it is much better than stripping these bolts out!

After the bolt heads are clean, use a high quality (Snap-on/Matco...etc) T35 Torx Socket along with a manual impact driver. Use a hammer to break the bolt loose.

We have experimented with different methods and this way has proven to be superior to any other methods.

We offer a upgraded camshaft bolt kit to replace the torx bolts to hex head bolts.

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